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20th December...Happy Christmas!

The office is now closed until the 6th of January. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

22nd November...Game 114 update

Due to a lack of demand we have taken the difficult decision to abandon our plans to launch a twice a week email only game. Game 114 will now be launched as a standard once weekly game, giving managers the opportunity to play by post as well. The game will be launched at the end of the January transfer window, this will avoid the busy Chrstmas postal period and the extra time should allow for more managers to apply.

21st October...Game 114

We are beginning team allocations for Game 114 this week. Further details can be found on the forum.

1st October...Update

Game 113 has been sent out today. The Yahoo issue seems to be resolved, its worth noting however that hotmail and gmail accounts were not effected.

30th September...Game 113 & 114

We are still waiting for the ISP issues from last week to be resolved hopefully this will happen at some point later on today.

In the meantime we will aim to send Game 113 on Tuesday the 1st of October.

We will be contacting all bidding applicants for 114 later in the week, once 113 has been sent.

13th September...Game 114

We will be running an auction to allocate teams for Game 114. From the 13th to the 27th of September you will be able to enter a bid for any team/s you would like, full details below:

* Submit your application by email and list the team/s you would like and the maximum amount you would be prepared to send as a deposit.

* You can bid until 9am on Friday the 27th of September, after which, we will contact all successful managers.

* Your deposit will need to be paid by October the 19th. If at this time we do not receive your payment then the next highest bidder will be allocated the team.

* It will be a closed auction so the bids will not be revealed until the end.

* You will still be able to utilise existing offers for this game.

* You do not have to take part in the Auction as we will still accept your application and try to get you one of your requested clubs.

* This auction will not effect Game 113 as we are prioritising people not currently playing the game.

Why an auction?

It is the fairest way to allocate teams. Most managers feel they deserve a top side but it is simply not possible. We do not make any more money from doing this, but the process encourages managers to commit to the game long term.


19th August...New Games

The new football season is on us once again and we are preparing for two new exciting games! Games 113 and 114 will start late September, with 114 being our first twice weekly, email only game. The deadlines will be every Tuesday and Friday. Game 113 will be run on a Wednesday.

UE points will be allocated to all but the top sides, according to which division they start in and their initial squad values. Both Games will feature lower starting OA's and the Russian and Benelux Leagues.

Game 114 will also feature a Special Offer of 2 Season Tickets for £99 (available turn 1 only).

No deposit is required for either game but please note we have to prioritise team allocation to people who are not currently playing. Therefore we will require sufficient team choices so we can get you into either game when they start.


29th July...Paypal

We are happy to announce Paypal as our new online payment option. Google Checkout will still be available until Friday August the 16th.


18th June...Website forms working

The forms are now back online. Thank you for your patience.

17th June...Website form update

Unfortunately the forms are still offline, however we fully expect them to be working again at some point this afternoon.

14th June...Website form issues

We are currently experiencing problems with our website forms. These are beyond our control and are being looked in to but if you have emailed your MDS in the last 24 hours, and have not had a confirmation email then you will need to resubmit it.

The forms will need to remain offline until the issue has been resolved so we apologise for any incovenience.

15th April... Reminder

Just to remind everyone you should always check you have received your emailed MDS confirmation! If you have not got one, contact us so we can verify your MDS has been received. We recommend you do not leave it to the last minute to submit your MDS!

15th April... Game 112 Started!

All teams have now been sent out. Contact us if you have yet to join this very exciting game!

5th April... Game 112

We can announce that Game 112 will be sent out on Monday the 15th of April and will have a Thursday deadline. There are still some teams available so contact us if you are interested.

UE point submissions will be required by Wednesday the 24th. Points must be submitted in a seperate email or by returning the sheet, please do not enter them on your emailed MDS.

Lastly just to remind everyone that Game 112 is a Hard Format Game and allows for only one team per manager. Anyone not following this will be expelled from the game and will lose their deposit.

We have added extra checks to the game so we can monitor any patterns in buying scouted players. If we think a team is not being managed in a genuine fashion then we will take the appropriate action.


15th March...

Below is a link for the best teams still available in Game 112. We will accept bids this weekend and allocate the teams on Monday.

Link removed.

Game 112

Its over two years since our last Hard Format Game and our new one, Game 112, will be starting early April. Full game details and how to apply can be found below:

Game 112


11th February....The Evaluation Action

You can now use this to reveal a players age, PV, OA, SA and if they had UE points spent on Potential, as well as their minimum and maximum values.


1st January

Happy New Year!






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