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Game 120

Game 120 has just launched and is the first UE game to have 4 divisions in the English league. The game is run on a different programme, it has allowed subtle changes to be made to the player evaluations, and other aspects of the game. The cups have been slightly re-structured, mainly to accommodate the 4 division English League. And the reports have also been altered with this in mind.


Smaller teams have started with Karma points for the first time. Details on how these can be spend can be found here: here


Potential Delay

Any players who gets boosted potential by having UE points spend on him, can’t be sold for 5 weeks.


UE Point changes

1 UE Point now gets you £3,000,000 rather than £2,000,000.

Leadership now costs 9 UE points

A full list of the UE points options can be found here: here

If you are interested in a team in 120, please fill in a joining form: here








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