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30th December. . . Happy New Year!

Slightly in advance but we hope you have a great New Year!

13th December. . . Happy Christmas!

We are sending out the last reports this week before Christmas and although they may take some time to get to you, there is a nice long deadline to ensure you receive enough time. We will be in the office until Christmas Eve at various times so if you need to speak to us leave a message or send an email and we will get back to you.

As an Xmas present from us we are giving all teams 8 UE points to spend this turn, the full details can be found at the back of your reports.

Lastly we would just like to wish you all a very Merry Chrismas!

Ultimate Europe Forums

We currently have three forums for our most recent games in place:

Game 107

Game 108

Game 109

We act as Admin and all three are run with the help of some of our managers as Moderators. Feel free to sign up to take a look!

22nd August.... Game 109

Our third game of the year will be starting in early September. Game 109 will allow for multiple team management, but will not permit transfers between teams managed by the same person.

UE points will be available to all but the largest clubs and a Proboard forum has been set up. Any current managers wishing to be part of the Mod team is welcome to contact us in advance.

Due to demand we will be allocating teams to new and ex managers first so if you wish to apply please ensure you select a wide range of teams to stand a chance of getting one on the first turn.

22nd July.... Turn 13 Player additions

Now on turn 13 as well as at the end of the season, extra generated players including some real life players will be added to the game for you to find.

20th June - 26th June.... Joining Form error

If you completed a Joining Form between these two dates there is a chance that we have not received your application due to an online error. Please submit another one just n case, thanks.

13th June.... Changes to National Squad make ups

We have made a slight change to the National squads to allow managers to be more flexible when promoting and demoting players. The 22 players must still include a minimum number in the following positions: 2 X Goalkeepers, 5 X Defenders, 5 X Midfielders and 3 X Attackers.

11th April.... Price Changes and Bank Holiday Weekends

We are making the following changes to our game charges effective from the 1st of May 2011:

* Standard turn cost by post will rise from £2.50 to £2.75.

* Standard turn cost email only will rise from £2.00 to £2.25.

* Standard Season Ticket will no longer be available.

* Gold Season Ticket cost will rise from £50.00 to £55.00.

The last changes to the pricing were made in January 2008 and since then the costs associated with running our business have increased year on year. We appreciate no price increase is ever welcome but we remain committed to providing the best game possible at an affordable price.

This year we have two back to back Bank Holiday weekends. The Easter Bank Holiday runs between Friday the 22nd of April until Monday the 25th and is followed by the Royal Wedding on the 29th and the Spring Bank Holiday on Monday the 2nd of May.

We will be in the office on both Mondays to keep all games running as normal over this two week period. Managers posting their MDS to us should do as soon as possible to take into account the closure of the Post Office. It would be better if you can fax or email it instead.

Game 108 starting Monday 21st March.

There is still time to apply for this game but please do so by 8am Monday morning.

4th March.... Game 108 Update

Game 108 is due to start within the next few weeks. It will be a normal game where all teams will have roughly the same transfer budget and managers will not be able to do deals with teams sent to the same address.

UE points will be allocated in the same way as Game 107 with the only difference being a limit of 20 points that can be spent on cash (50 points is still the maximum available).

The deadline for applications is Thursday the 17th of March.

25th February.... Game 108

We are looking to start Game 108 within the next month or so due to the large number of managers who did not get into Game 107. This will be a normal game but we will be adding UE points to smaller teams to help them compete. Any manager currently playing can feel free to apply but we will be prioritising those people still waiting to play. We will not be allocating teams until we are ready to start the game.

7th February.... Game 107

Game 107 was sent out on Friday and the first turn deadline is the Monday the 14th. The games will be run on the Tuesday as we will need the extra day to process the UE points. There are only six teams currently free so if you want to join on this first turn contact us as soon as possible.

The forum for Game 107 can be found here: http://www.ultimateeuropelge107.proboards.com

If we did not manage to get you into Game 107 or you were not happy with the team you got, we will post any news here of the starting date of our next normal new game.

3rd February.... Game 107 update

Game 107 is starting any day now - there are only 16 teams currently left so hurry if you wish to join!!!

14th January.... Game 107 update

The deadline for all applications for Game 107 will be the close of business on the 1st of February. We can then begin the process of team allocation and the game can start soon after. We have received a record number of applications from existing and ex managers for this game and are confident that as so many experienced managers are joining, it will be extremely busy and competative.

We just need to remind all existing managers that your application must include the minimum £10.00 deposit in order for it to be processed and you must choose a wide selection of teams and four Leagues. If you do not provide enough choices you may be sent a team at random.

January 2011

Happy New Year everyone! We will be taking applications for Game 107 throughout this month - the full game details can be found below.

Game 107

Here is a list of the Game changes made December 2010.

Game Changes


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