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17th December. . . Happy Christmas!

We have sent the last reports out now and although they may take some time to get to you, there is a nice long deadline to ensure you receive enough time. We will be in the office until Christmas Eve at various times so if you need to speak to us leave a message or send an email and we will get back to you. Lastly we would just like to wish you all a very Merry Chrismas!

13th December. . . Game Changes + Game 107

Please find full details of the Game changes and Game 107 application details below. Everyone will receive seperate emailed and paper copies with their turns this week.

Game Changes December 10

Game 107

19th November. . . Christmas Post

The Christmas post will begin to affect delivery times pretty much from the end of November and well into early January so please read the following:

If you are posting an MDS or payment to us in December only Guaranteed Next Day delivery is reliable. Even some envelopes that were sent by Recorded Delivery last year took over a week to get to us! Guaranteed Next Day is very expensive so the best option is to email or fax your MDS to us and make any payments online through Google Checkout.

5th November. . . Updates

Game 107's most likely start date will be shortly after the transfer window closes at the end of January. We would just like to remind managers that we will not be taking any applications for this game until we begin to advertise it on the Managers Notice Boards, sometime in December.

24th September. . .Game 106

We are starting our next new Game (106) within two weeks so anyone wishing to apply please do so by the 6th of October (the game will start a few days after). As we have mentioned before due to demand new managers will be given priority over teams so if you intend to apply or have already done so, please list as many teams as possible so that we can get you in.

We will also be starting Game 107 later this year which will have a limit of one team per manager (a hard format game). Applications will only be taken for this game when we begin to advertise the joining conditions on the Manager Notice Boards.

27th August

Game improvements update...

Just an update regarding the improvements we are working on. The mammoth task of updating the match engine is nearing completion and we hope to be able to launch it, along with other changes by the end of November at the latest.

New games update...

We will post any news regarding the starting of any new games on this page so check back for further updates. However we will definately be starting a game aimed at ex and existing managers when we lauch the Game changes (by the end of November). It will have a set limit of one team per manager (a hard format game) and will have other added features. Details on how to apply will be posted at least a month before its start date.

Summer Bank Holiday..30th August

Monday the 30th is the Summer Bank Holiday. We will be treating it as a normal day so please ensure you remember to fax or email your MDS by 8am. If you are posting it back to us please do so as early as possible as it will need to arrive on Saturday.

24th June..... Office Closed Friday 25th June

The office will be closed tomorrow for the day. We will re-open Monday 8am, sorry for any invonvience this may cause.

23rd June.... The office will be closed this afternoon as we all cheer on England!!!!

6th June... Next New Game Date change.

The starting date for our next new game has now moved back a week to Friday the 18th of June.

3rd June... Office Closed

The office is now be closed from 4.30pm today and will re-open Monday 8am.

28th May... Next New Game

We will be starting our next new game by Friday the 11th of June. It will be a normal game but will not allow transfers between teams at the same address. New managers and ex players will be given priority when we allocate teams followed by existing managers who have already applied over the past few months. If any existing manager wants to apply in the meantime they should complete a Joining form and list as many teams as possible, as due to the demand top sides will be unavailable on turn 1.

21st May..

Monday the 31st is the Spring Bank Holiday. We will be treating it as a normal day so please ensure you remember to fax or email your MDS by 8am. If you are posting it back to us please do so as early as possible as it will need to arrive on Saturday.

Ultimate Europe Easter Bank Holiday opening hours:

Good Friday - Closed.

Easter Monday - 8am - 3pm.

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend...

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend starts this Friday. This means the Post Office will be closed on the 2nd, 4th and 5th of April. If you are returning your next MDS by post please send it as early as possible.

17th February 4pm... Phone line fixed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

16th February... PHONE FAULT

Unfortunately we have a fault on our phone line 01761 415 251 - BT will be fixing the problem but can only give a time within the next 24 hours. Please note that you may not be able to phone or fax us in the meantime. Contact us by email until we update this page.

8th January... Severe Weather conditions

We have successfully run all this weeks games on their deadline days - having a three week break over Christmas has given the vast amount of managers who have posted their MDS's, the time to get them back to us. However with conditions set to worsen it may be a different story next week and games may be delayed. We will post any delayed games on this page.

For details on how the weather may be affecting the post in your area please click here

4th January... Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all at Ultimate Europe!!








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