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18th December... Happy Christmas!

The office will now be closed from Monday the 21st December until Monday the 4th of January. Can we please ask that you do not return your Questionnaire by fax - email or post it back to us only. We would like to wish all of our members and anyone who visits our website a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

6th November... Postal Strikes over!!

Thankfully the Royal Mail have announced the end to Postal Strikes for the rest of the year. Hopefully they can now clear any backlog of post and get back to delivering on time. We would still encourage any of our members who return their MDS's by post as there may still be a slight delay.

Postal Strike Action - for full details of any postal disruption in your area please click here

All of the post we receive and send at Ultimate Europe goes through the Filton sorting centre in Bristol so you can also check to see if there are any strikes there.

8th October... National Postal Strike warning

With the possibiity of National postal strikes looming we once again ask all of our managers to take the following measures to ensure the games can continue to run on time.

* Please provide us with an email address so we can email you a copy of your report - that way you will not have to rely on the posted one reaching you in time.

* Return all MDS decisions by email, fax or phone them to us.

* If you need to post any payments or MDS's to us please only do so through guaranteed next day deliver - check at your local Post Office that the service is still running.

11th September... Game 102

We plan to start our next new Game on Friday the 18th of September. The game will then have a Monday deadline. If you are interested in joining you should apply as soon as possible. Please note however, there is the usual high demand for the top sides so provide as many choices as possible if you wish to be entered on turn 1.

9th September... Postal Strikes

Unfortunately once again Postal strikes threaten to disrupt the Royal Mail delivery service. We do not know how long or far reaching the effects will last but we advise all managers to fax or email their MDS's. Also make sure that you have given us your email address if you have one.

We will post any details on this page if we have to delay any games but please note that we will stick to the game deadlines whenever possible.

3rd September... Delayed Games Update

We aim to be able to send all of todays deadline games by 5.30pm with the exception of Game 92 which will now be run tomorrow.

3rd September... Delayed Games

We had a good amount of post this morning so we can get on with running all of yesterdays delayed games. Todays games will hopefully be run later on this afternoon depending on whether they are short and how much time we have.

2nd September... Postal Strikes result in delayed Games

An unannounced postal strike in the main Royal Mail Bristol sorting centre has resulted in no post being received at our office today. Consequently the vast majority of todays games will be delayed until tomorrow. We apologise for this and once again urge everyone to return their MDS's by fax or email whenever possible as the strikes look set to continue for the foreseable future.

14th August... BT'Yahoo email addresses

The ongoing problems with BT Yahoo email addresses are still causing some emailed reports to be delayed or rejected. Please provide us with an alternate email address if possible and we can send your reports to two different email addresses each turn.

14th August... Email only Season Tickets

Season tickets are now available to purchase, please ensure you have read the conditions below.

10th August... Email only Season Tickets

From the 17th of August we are going to be offering tow new payment options for Email only managers in the form of season tickets. These are optional and you can continue to pay and play as before if you wish but a Standard season ticket will bring your turn cost down to just £1.15 per turn!

Standard Season Ticket (£30.00) 26 turns with a limit of one free Extra Print (all other Extra Prints inc Reserve & Youth team management will require an upgrade to a Gold Season Ticket).

Gold Season Ticket (£50.00) 26 turns where all Extra Prints (inc Reserve/Youth team management & Division scouting) will be free.

* Season tickets are only available with new payments and cannot be transferred to any other team.

* You must submit your MDS through the website by 8am of the deadline day - it will not be accepted in any other way.

* Any credit you have before applying for your season ticket will be frozen and will become active again once the season ticket has expired.

* It will be possible to upgrade from a season ticket to a gold season tickt at any time, the price will depend on how many turns your season ticket has left and will be displayed on your report.

* To appy for either of the two options select 'Order season ticket' or 'Order season ticket Gold' from the Actions section. Payment MUST arrive before the deadline day.

Lastly if you have recently made a payment above £30.00 and you wish to talk to us about season ticket options please contact us directly.

7th August... Postal Strikes

Postal strike action is due to take place as various sites this coming weekend. Please make sure you take possible delays into consideration if returning your MDS by post.

20th July... Postal Strikes

Unfortunately once again Postal strikes threaten to disrupt the Royal Mail. We do not know how long or far reaching the effects will last but we advise all managers to fax or email their MDS's. Also make sure that you have given us your email address if you have one.

29th June... New Game Changes

You can find a copy of our new game changes here

6th June... Emailed MDS Automation

Now when you email your MDS the decisions you submit will go straight into the computer so it is very important that you enter everything correctly. When you enter your email address make sure that it is correct as you will be sent a copy of the completed form for you to check through. If you do have any amendments then either email another completed MDS (only the last one you send will be entered) or send us a seperate email detailing the changes.

* Team ID, Game and Turn Number, Email address and Password must be entered accurately.

* All Player ID codes must be correct.

* Your MDS must be with us by 8am on the deadline day.

* The last emailed MDS you send us before the deadline is the one that will be used.

* Training hours must be set to 0 where required.

* All Actions must be chosen from the drop down lists on the form where applicable.

* The 4th box in the Actions section is used to type a player or team name for an SPS or loan.

* Managing or resigning from your Reserve/Youth teams is listed in the Extra Prints.

* Use the Message to Ultimate Europe section to tell us if a team is missing from the Extra Print list.

* You can also use the Message to Ultimate Europe section to enter your Ground Improvement option on turn 26.

Lastly we are working on some game improvements and will be making a further announcement soon.

1st June... Emailed MDS's

Now every time you submit an MDS you will receive a copy for you to check. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly as this is where the site will send your copy to.

8th May... BT'Yahoo email addresses

Some managers with BT and Yahoo email addresses are still having trouble receiving their emailed reports back on time. Yahoo have extremely strict criteria for accepting email and they often defer it if they think it might be spam or if they are busy - they call this 'de-prioritising email' . Yahoo also run the email system for BT so problems could also occur with those addresses as well. We would advise anyone with a BT or Yahoo email address to provide an alternative email address and we will send your reports to both each turn.

30th April... May Bank Holiday

Monday the 4th of May is a bank holiday and although we are still going to stick to the game deadlines your report may take longer than usual to get back to you.

20th April... Google Checkout fees

From the 5th of May the charge for making a Google Checkout payment under £10.00 will rise from 20p to 50p. This is in result of Google increasing their banking fees.

* You can still divide one single payment between as many teams as you like.

* Payments £10.00 and over will not be subject to any charge as before.

3rd April... Easter Bank Holiday

We are going to try and keep to our normal deadline days over Easter so please if possible email or fax your next MDS back to us. If you are sending it by post return it as soon as you can. Many Post Offices will be closed on the 10th, 12th and 13th so post will take longer than usual to reach everyone.

27th March... Easter Bank Holiday

This year the Easter Bank holiday starts on Friday 10th of April and ends on Monday the 13th. This means the Post Office will be closed on the 10th, 12th and 13th. If you play the game only by post you may have problems getting your MDS to us on time and you will have to wait longer than usual to receive your report back. If you have an email address but haven't registered it with us please do so and you will also be able to receive an emailed copy on the deadline day.

25th February... BT Yahoo server problems

A change in the ISP BT Yahoo seems to have caused a delivery issue with our emailed reports. Hopefully this will not take too long to clear up and any delayed reports and emails should still arrive - this is only effecting managers with a BT or Yahoo email address. In the meantime if you are with BT Yahoo please provide us with an alternative email address if possible.

Update - Some reports now seem to be filtering through so the problem seems to have been fixed. We can still take a secondary email address if you would like to give one.

20th February... Forums

We would like to point out that any forums associated with our games are manager run and have nothing directly to do with William Elliott Sports Ltd or Ultimate Europe. They are not monitored by us, do not reflect our views or opinions and should be used totally at your own discretion. There should be a disclaimer to this effect on each home page.

16th February...

Game 100 has now started with the 1st turn being sent out today. If you have applied but have not been sent a team we will try and get you in on the next turn. For this game managers can manage more than one team but will not be able to do deals with them.

2nd February... Weather warning!

Currently heavy snow is affecting the whole country and will result in delays in the postal system. Please phone, fax or email your MDS to us if possible and be prepared for your report to take longer than usual to get back to you.

1st January...

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! The post should now return to normal and we can resume seven day game deadlines. Our next new game should start just after the January transfer window shuts.


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