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19th December...

This is the last game deadline date until the new year - your report may take some time to reach you by post but don't worry as the next deadline is around three weeks from your most recent one. You should allow a couple of extra days if you are returning your next MDS by post, as there may be some backlog to clear in the Royal Mail. Lastly we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

15th December...

As the post will now become exceptionally slow and the last posting day for 1st class items is the 20th of December, this will be the last week we will send out reports before the next deadlines in the New year. We hope to be able to run most of our games this week on time but some may have to be delayed - details will be posted on this page.

Games delayed on the 15th - 80

5th December... XMAS POST.

The Christmas post has started to slow things down but as we now email reports out as well, we are hoping that we will not have to delay games as we have done so every December in the past. However we must urge any manager who is returning their MDS by post this month to send their envelope by Guaranteed NEXT DAY delivery to stand any chance of meeting the game deadline.

21st November... XMAS POST.

The Christmas post will begin to affect delivery times pretty much from the end of November and well into early January so we really need your help to keep the games running on time! Please read and follow the instructions below:

* If you are posting an MDS or payment you will need to send it recorded delivery. Last year some MDS's took over a week to get back to us - so there will be little point in delaying our game deadlines!

* Add your email address to the contact list so you can receive the report the same day the game is run. Although we send reports business post they will take longer than usual to get to you.

* If you can, fax or email your MDS - this will ensure it reaches us on time. Please make sure your team is in credit and that it is sent to us before 8am on the deadline day.

20th November... Game 99 started.

Game 99 has started and will be the last game we start until the new year. Good luck to all managers!!

7th November... Game 99 update.

We now aim to start Game 99 within two weeks from today so if you haven't yet applied you will need to do so very quickly! Please note the following:

* Due to the number of applications we have received for the more popular teams it will be very difficult to get everyone one of their top choices but we will do our best.

* If you have applied but have not paid the reuired deposit we will be unable to send you a team.

* If you have not listed enough teams and included four leagues you may be sent a team at random.

* Larger teams will start off in debt meaning they will have to sell before they can buy players.

* Smaller teams will have large transfer kitties and will be able to buy from turn 1.

* We will not give out details of team allocations until we start the game so please do not ask!

17th October... Existing managers please read Game 99.

We are planning to start Game 99 after Game 98 in mid November. This game will differ from our existing games in two main areas:

1. One team only will be sent to an address to ensure that managers can only control one team each. There will be no multiple team management at any stage! If we suspect this rule is being broken we will expel anyone involved.

2. The starting budgets will be adjusted so that large clubs with the best squads will start in debt whilst smaller clubs will start with larger transfer kitties. This should help to make the game more even and put extra emphasis on your managerial ability to compete.

If you are interested in joining please follow the application rules below:

* You will need to send a minimum £10.00 payment to join.

* All initial payments £10.00 and above will receive a bonus of 50%. Eg if you send £20.00 you will receive another £10.00 giving you £30.00 into your Game 99 account.

* You will NOT be able to transfer credit into or out of Game 99 until your initial payment is used up.

* Your application should list as many teams as possible and also include three leagues you would wish to manage in - it will be impossible to match every managers requested clubs.

* If you fail to list enough clubs or leagues you may be sent a team at random.

* The closing date for applications will be the 7th of November 2008.

Applications for Game 98 can be made in the usual way and do not require an initial payment.

16th October... 2008 Upcoming Games.

We are planning to start Game 98 on Thursday the 23rd of October - this will be a normal game.

Game 99 (which will be one team per manger) will start soon afterwards - details of how to apply will be found in your upcoming reports - Please do not apply for this game until you are prompted to do so.

26th August... 2008

Games 13 and 96 have been delayed and will now be run tomorrow.

Next new game...Early Sept 2008

We are planning to launch our next new game at the start of September when the transfer window closes. Please note that due to demand it will be difficult for us to meet many managers requests for big teams.

17th July... 2008

The office will be closed for one day only on Friday the 18th of July.


Due to a technical error any emailed applications made during June 2008 have been lost. If you applied to join the game during this period through the 'Join now' form on the website please re-apply. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

16th May... 2008

There is a public bank holiday on Monday the 26th of May so your game deadline may change again. Please ensure if you are posting your next MDS back to us you do so as soon as possible as there may be some delays in the postal system.

30th April... 2008

May the 5th is the first of two bank holidays next month - your game deadline day may change so please check the new dates.

12th March... 2008

We have added an online payment area to the website. Just follow the instructions if you wish to make a payment to your team. (You will need to set up a Google checkout account).

7th March... 2008

Game 94 will be starting on Monday the 10th so we can still take applications this weekend if you wish to go in on turn 1.

3rd March... 2008

Game 62 delayed

Game 62 will now be run tomorrow. (Tuesday the 4th of March) We apologise for the delay.

20th February... 2008

Game 76 delayed

Game 76 will now be run tomorrow. (Thursday the 21th of February) We apologise for the delay.

18th February... 2008

Game 93 delayed

Game 93 will now be run tomorrow (Tuesday the 19th of February) We apologise for the delay.

14th February... 2008

Game 93 has recently started and its first deadline is Saturday the 16th. We hope to be able to start Game 94 within the next two weeks, we apologise to any new and existing managers for the wait.

22nd January... 2008

All of our games are now being run on seven day deadlines - this means your turn will be played on the same day every week until the next public bank holiday.

17th January... 2008

Note that games are emailed throughout the deadline day - there is no specific time but you will receive your report generally before 5pm so please be patient.

11th January... 2008

Just to make this very clear as we are having several complaints - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE CONTACT LIST YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN EMAILED REPORT. You also need to ensure you have complied with the rest of the instructions below under the title 'PDF reports'.

9th January... 2008

You can now download an up to date rulebook from the webite - it includes all of the recent changes.

8th January... 2008

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We are pleased to announce the following changes and improvements to the game:

PDF reports. We are now able to offer you two choices of how we send your reports. If you would like to receive an emailed copy please ensure you comply with the following:

* We have your correct email address on the contact list.

* You have added mail from contact@ultimate-europe.net to your contact or safe list.

* You have the latest copy of Adobe reader (download free from www.adobe.com)

Report by post. All reports will now be sent 1st class at a price of £2.50 per turn. If we have your email address on the contact list a copy will also be emailed out to you on the deadline day.

Report by email. If you just want to receive an emailed report there is a reduced price of £2.00 per turn. You will still need to ensure your payment is sent seperately when required. To change to this option just write 'Send be email' in the Actions section on your MDS. To switch back to paper simply write 'Send by post'.

7 day deadlines. With reports either being emailed or sent 1st class we are going to attempt to move all of our games to seven day deadlines. This means your turn will be run on the same day every week. We hope that the postal system will be good enough to cope with this and so we will have to review each game to see if it can!

Extra Print price changes. We are please to announce that all Extra Prints (excluding Managing Reserve or Youth teams) are now half price! Not only that but we are giving you one Extra Print of your choice (excluding Managing Reserve or Youth teams, World team list and Divisions) FREE of charge every turn!

Rest of the World team list. You can now scout a list of every team outside the eight main leagues available in your game. Just write 'Rest of the World team list' in the Extra Prints section on your MDS. This is a new Extra Print and will cost 50p.

Specific player searches. To look for a specific player in your game just write 'Specific player search' or 'SPS' and the players initial and surname in the Actions section on your MDS. The results will then be posted inside your following report.

Extra added players. Some real life players that may not have been in your game have been added for you to find. This will also happen at the end of every season from now on and is a good opportunity to make full use of an 'SPS' search.

Extra added teams. Some real life teams that may not have been in your game have been added for you to find. This will also happen at the end of every season from now on and again this is where you can make full use of the 'Rest of the World' team list.


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