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18th December... 2007

We have now finished sending games until the New Year. If your report hasn't arrived remember to give it up to a week before you contact us as the post is moving very slowly - you can phone us if you need an update on when your game was sent. Lastly we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and have a happy New year!!!!

13th December... 2007

Just to keep everyone informed that most of our games are currently delayed up to two days after their deadline dates. This is due to the slow down in the post. We plan to have sent everything by the 18th of December but you should still expect your reports to take longer than usual to get back to you.

26th October... 2007

All games have been run up to and including this deadline.

25th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 65, 75, 90.

24th October... 2007

Although the strikes are currently over there still seems to be a backlog in the post - we have delayed the following games until tomorrow - 60, 65, 70, 73, 79, 83, 86, 87.

23rd October... 2007

All games have been run up to and including this deadline.

22nd October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 71, 88. Hopefully these will be run tomorrow and we will no longer need to delay any further games.

19th October... 2007

Unfortunately it seems that there is still a huge back log of post to be cleared so today we were unable to run - 41, 48, 49, 76, 83, 89, 42, 13, 81, 15, 69, 84 and 47. All of these games will be run on Monday.

18th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 41, 48, 49, 76, 83, 89.

17th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 14, 41, 67, 76, 78, 80, 83, 89.

16th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 82, 91, 14, 30, 80, 85, 62, 66, 75.

15th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 82, 91.

13th October... 2007


The official strikes have now been called off as the Royal Mail has reached an agreement with the Communications Workers Union. Unfortunately there are still several unofficial strikes affecting different areas of the country meaning some of our members will still have trouble receiving their reports. The postal service will not be back to normal straight away as the Royal Mail attempts to clear the massive backlog of post but again we will keep everyone informed of any delayed games on this site.

12th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 90, 73, 37, 87.

The official strikes look set to continue from the 15th of Ocotober and there are continued reports of several unofficial ones in the Liverpool and London areas. We must now request our members follow these instructions to help us to continue to run our games on time.

1. Please make sure your team/s has/have sufficient credit to cover the next three/four turns - do this as soon as possible by sending a payment recorded delivery if neccessary.

2. Email or fax your MDS's over this difficult period - if you do not have access to either then you will need to phone your changes through or continue to send your MDS by recorded delivery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and please remember if you need to email or fax your MDS and you are not in credit you need to let us know that your payment has been sent recorded delivery.

11th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 88, 90.

10th October... 2007

Games we were unable to run today - 81.

8th October... 2007

Again we did not receive any post on Saturday and only two letters today. The office will be closed again from 10.am today and will re-open Tuesday morning between 8am and 11am.

5th October... 2007

Unfortunately we did not receive any post at all today. The office will now be closed until Monday.

3rd October... 2007

Postal Strike action. Further to the two 48 hour strikes it seems that industrial action will continue full details can be found at http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm

24th September... 2007

Postal Strike action. The dates for the two 48 hour postal strikes are the 5th - 6th and the 8th - 9th of October. Given that the 7th is a Sunday we will not set any deadlines during this five day period. Anyone who's game deadline falls on the 4th can expect their reports to be delayed whilst anyone who's game deadline falls from the 10th onwards should ensure that their MDS is posted as early as possible. (It would be better to email or fax). Hopefully the situation at Royal Mail will be resolved as soon as possible. http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm

20th September... 2007

Postal Strike action. Unfortunately it seems there will be renewed industial action in October. Two 48 hour strikes are plannned, as yet we do not know the dates but will keep you posted.

10th August... 2007

Strike over? Royal mail have announced that all industrial action has been suspended. Talks will be held between the Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union with both sides commiting to reach an agreement by the 4th of September. We can only hope they come to an agreement to prevent any further strikes. We will keep you posted but in the meantime we will try and get the games back to normal.

Games delayed - 61, (Original deadline 9/8/7) 85 (Original deadline 10/8/7)

9th August... 2007

Games delayed - 65, (Original deadline 7/8/7) 63, 86 (Original deadline 8/8/7) 61, 30 (Original deadline 9/8/7)

For further information on Postal strike action please visit the folllowing link :


8th August... 2007

Games delayed - 79 (Original deadline 4/8/7) 65, 82 (Original deadline 7/8/7) 27, 58, 63, 70, 86 (Original deadline 8/8/7)

7th August... 2007

Games delayed - 14, 40, 69, 79 (Original deadline 4/8/7) + 15, 45, 65, 73, 82, 87 (Original deadline 7/8/7)

6th August... 2007

Unfortunately the recent postal action has been extended until Friday the 17th August. They have already had a huge effect on us and we can only assume the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

* We are going to extend all deadlines to a minimum number of nine days but we may still have to delay games - updates on delayed games will be posted on this page each day.

* Recorded delivery is not guaranteed to reach us the next day - there may be a Guaranteed service still running if you need to send payment to us.

* We strongly recommend you request 1st class posting on your MDS if you have not already done so.

* Faxing, emailing or phoning your changes through is the safest way to ensure we receive your MDS - send enough payment as soon as you are able to cover what could be another month of disruption.

Games delayed until tomorrow - 14, 34, 38, 40, 69, 79.


3rd August... 2007

Update - Games 41, 56, 67 and 88 will all now be run on Monday. Saturdays games may be delayed until Tuesday depending on the weekend post.

2nd August... 2007

Update - Many of todays games will be delayed until tomorrow including Game 56. Game 85 and the rest of the Games with the 1st of August deadline will be run and sent out today.

1st August... 2007

No post arrived today!!! The strikes seem to be causing a lot of disruption. Game 85 and all of todays games will now be delayed until tomorrow - hopefully we will receive some post then.

26th July... 2007

No post arrived today!!! We believe the sorting centres may be striking so none of todays games can now be run. Again we ask you wherever possible to send your payments by recorded delivery and email and fax your MDS's!

19th July... 2007

We have been informed that a new series of postal strikes have been planned over a two week period beginning 7pm on Wednesday 25th of July and ending 12.00 noon Wednesday the 8th of August. The result of which will be that different Royal Mail sites across the country will be hit at different times. It is vitally important that you follow these guidelines to help us keep your game running on time.

* Ensure your team/s has credit to cover at least two turns - do this as soon as possible. If you need to send a payment during the two week period send it recorded delivery.

* If your team is in credit please email or fax your MDS - phone us to register a password if you need to. If you do not have access to email or fax then you can always phone your changes through.

These strikes are bound to have an effect on all of us, we may have to delay games and your reports could arrive back to you later than usual. However, if all managers follow the above guidelines we may be able to run the games as normal, thank you for your help!

For any other information regarding strike action please visit http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm


12th July... 2007

The second National 24 hour postal strike in the last month is in progress today! Please be aware more could occur over the next few weeks and that we will be given very little notice. To help us keep things running as smoothly as possible we would like to ask all of our members to listen out for any future strikes (TV news or newspapers) and to send your MDS's and payments as early as you can. If you are able to, email or fax your MDS's but please note you may receive your reports back later than usual.

July... 2007

Another National 24 hour postal strike has been planned to begin at 7pm on Thursday the 12th of July. You may receive your reports back later than usual sp please be patient. There may be more strikes throughout the month so please be aware that the post will be affected and if you are able to, email or fax (if in credit) your next MDS's or send them as you can if posting.

June... 2007

Unfortunately a National 24 hour postal strike has been planned to begin on Friday the 29th of June. Obviously this will have a huge effect on our games and so we have extended each deadline date by a day. However if possible please email or fax your next MDS or send it as early as you can if posting. It may be a good idea to send payment seperately as soon as possible so you can email or fax. (Please note if sending a seperate payment to write your team and game number)

May... 2007

Game 87 has started with a great response, it may be possible for new managers to join but you should contact us in advance.

March.... 2007

Game 87

We are starting a new game that will be different from our existing games as follows:

1. ONE team only will be sent to each address to ensure that managers can only control ONE team each.

2. Starting transfer budgets will be adjusted so that large clubs with the best squads will start in debt whilst smaller clubs will have large transfer kitties.

To apply to join you will need to send a £15.00 payment in advance and list as many teams as possible you would be prepared to manage. We cannot gaurantee you will receive one of your chosen teams so you can also choose 3 Leagues you would like to manage in. Finally please ensure you read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

* You need to send a £15.00 payment to join, we will then add another £5.00 bonus credit.

* The above offer applies to the first turn of Game 87 only.

* You will NOT be able to transfer credit into or out of 87 to any other team you may manager in another game.

* If you receive a team you are unhappy with then you may transfer to a different team but you may not transfer your credit out.

* There will be no multiple team management in 87 at any point.

* After 87 has started you may request that any friends join but they will not be able to benefit from the £5.00 bouns offer.

* If we do not receive enough applications from existing managers to start or maintain the game we reserve the right to add new managers (still only one team per address)




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