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September.... 2004

A few things- As of the 1st October 2004 any team that is in debt after the game has been run (even -10p) will lose 5% Directors Confidence. We are introducing this as we find that too many managers are not keeping their teams in credit every week. We therefore recommend that you keep your team credit above £2.00 at all times to prevent this from happening.

We have introduced an extra feature to the the game that will give you more info on players you may have out on loan - This has been a popular request and we hope you find it useful.

Lastly Adam Tattersley the industrious Barcelona manager from Game 61 has launched his own Message Board for all members of Ultimate Europe. You can visit the site at http://uemessages.proboards18.com If you have any questions please contact Adam by email at tattersley_24@hotmail.com

July 8th....

Website Problems - We are pleased to announce that the problems with the online forms have now been fixed. We apologise for any invonvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

July 5th....

Website Problems - The email your MDS facility may be unavailable at some points during the next few days. This is due to the problems mentioned previously. Please contact us on 01761 415 251 if you need to phone your MDS through. We will keep this page updated regarding the situation.

June 30th....

Website Problems - We have had reports from our members that the website was unavailable throughout the afternoon of the 30th of June. We are not sure why this has occurred but we have not received the usual number of emailed MDS's during this time. If you have emailed your MDS please phone us to confirm it has arrived a.s.a.p.


New Game Delays - We are starting new games as often as we can but there may be a two to three week delay before we can get starter packs out to new members which we apologise for. Please feel free to phone us on 01761 415 251 if you want to query your application to join. We are also spending any extra available time on improving the game and adding the promised new changes, although sorry we don't have a date for them as yet.


Re-sending / Reproducing Reports - From the 1st June 2004 there will be a charge of 50p if you request us to reproduce and resend your reports. We have had to add this as we have been spending more and more time recreating teams where the manager has sent his MDS late and has been deleted. So if you do not have enough credit in your account and you think your MDS may be late tell us before the deadline and we can protect your team/s for you.

We are still working hard to add in the Player Confidence and Morale features and will notify you when they are ready. We apologise for the delay.


It is with great pleasure that we can now release our next batch of improvements to the game, we hope you will enjoy them!

Substitutes - As you will see your MDS has changed to allow you to select 5 subs. There is also an extra area on your MDS called Substitute Instructions, this will allow you to make up to 3 substitutions each league, cup or national game.

Minute - This is where you enter the time in the game where you may want to make a change.

Circumstance - This is where you enter your specified instructions : Winning (W) - If you are winning the game. Drawing (D) - If you are drawing the game. Losing (L) - If you are losing the game. Not Winning (NW) - If you are losing or drawing the game. Not Losing (NL) - If you are winning or drawing the game. Any (A) - No specified circumstances.

Player On - The substitue you want to come on.

Player Off - The player you wish to come off.

Position - The position (if different) you wish the substitute coming on to play.

There is space for you to choose up to 5 substitute options but please note injured players will be replaced by the computer using the most suitable replacement. This means that if one of your subs has already come on for an injured player your instruction will be ignored. Also you cannot bring on a GK - if your keeper gets injured he will be automatically replaced by the GK on the bench. If he gets sent off your sub GK will come on for a forward.

Scouting other match reports - You can scout any other teams league or cup report. This is an extra print and costs 20p.

Evaluate Youth or Reserves - Extra prints now include these options.

Select Free kick and Penaly takers - There is an extra section in your Tactics box to make your selections. Please note GK's cannot be selected to take free kicks or penalties.


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