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Game Announcements Nov....2002

Transfers... The transfer market has caused some confusion in the past with deals being blocked for various reasons. We can now outline a more definate structure:

:* All teams are able to go up to 25,000,000 in debt. Any deals that push your team beyond this figure will be blocked.

* If you are in an older game and your team currently has debts of more than 25,000,000 you will be able to do deals as long as they don't push you further into debt, this means you will still be able to do swap deals for example..

1st Class Posting....If you would like to have your report sent 1st class you can request it on the back of your MDS. The cost will be an extra 20p for each team. Please state clearly if you want it sent 1st class permently or for just that week. Four or more teams going to the same address on the deadline day are always sent 1st class anyway at no extra cost. We may also send reports 1st class at no extra charge over the holiday periods or if any games are delayed.

Scout other teans youth & reserve sides.... Classed as an extra print (20p each) you can scout any other managers youth or reserves sides.

Loaning players.... You can now only have a maximum of two players loaned into your team at any one time.

Specialised Training.... Each week you will be able to request for one of your players to undertake intensive training in one of the following : Shooting, Movement, Passing, Control, Stamina, Heading, Strength or Tackling. This is entered in the Actions section of your MDS, remember only one player and one skill each week.

Directors Confidence %.... Directors Confidence is a new feature that will reward successful managers. The higher the % then the more confidence your Directors will have in your ability to run the club, not only will you be able to evaluate your first team squad but you will have more control over any transfers. Directors Confidence starts at 50% and will rise or fall depending on the following:

* The amount of time you manage your team for - the longer the better! * A good state of finances - keeping your team in the black.

* How successful you are - winning games etc. * Until it reaches 60% you will not benefit. * The higher it goes the more you can benefit

* BE AWARE - If you are deleted as manager for any reason then your Directors Confidence will be re set to 50%

* BE AWARE - If your current credit drops below 0.00 then your Directors Confidence will not improve at all while you are in debt (even if its just 10p!) for these two reasons we recommend that you always keep your team at least 2.00 in credit.

8AM .... We need to have received any Faxed or Emailed MDS's before 8am on the deadline day. Any later and we may not be able to enter your decisions before the game is run.

Season so far & Fixture List.... We have replaced the next 5 fixtures with a fixture list for the whole season, you can also see a record of all your results for the season so far.

Player Evaluation Sheet.... Once your Direcors Confidence rises above 60% you will be able to request a player evaluation sheet for the whole first team. The sheet is classed as an extra print and will cost 20p.

Game Improvements June....2002

Loaning through the Transfer List You can now put players on the transfer list for loan. Enter their details in the "Transfer list" section as usual but in the amount column write "loan" and the number of weeks you want to loan him out for.

If you want to take a players that is listed for loan to your club, enter his ID and name in the "Actions" section along with "loan" and the number of weeks he is listed for. The player will then decide which of the clubs he wants to go on loan to. (Normal agreed loans will still be possible)

Evaluate players....You can use the "Evaluate" function to ask your Directors how much they think a player is worth. They will give a minimum and maximum value of the player. You can evaluate any player from any team. To evaluate write his ID, name and "Evaluate" in the Actions section of your MDS.

!!These improvements will be unavailable for some games until the start of the new season!!

Lastly we wish to apologise for the long delay of completing the email MDS options. We are having some problems that we hope to resolve soon.


Loan Lists We are currently working on adding this to the game. The request has been popular and it should make it easier for teams to both loan players out and get players in on loan. (This may be unavailable for some games until the start of the new season). Game 35 should be starting this month and we also hope to have fully updated the website option.


We are still working on the website and soon hope to be able to receive your MDS's via email.

New Games Game 33 has recently started and Games 34 and 35 should both follow throughout March. If you are already playing have applied for teams don't worry we have your details on record and we will put you in where possible.

National Team suspensions Each booking in a National game will be worth 2 disciplinary points, so three yellow cards will result in a one game ban (one red card will also lead to a one match ban)


Game Improvements January 2002.....

Over the Festive period we have been updating and adding to the game. An Improvement sheet is being sent to all of our members with their reports and we can highlight here some of what we have done....there are no extra charges for any of our improvements!

Pools You can place a bet on the number of draws that take place each week in your game. Bets will cost 100,000 but the winners will split the entire amount eg 100 managers taking part would produce a prize pot of 10,000,000 to be evenly split by any winners.

Transfers The computer has been updated to review all transfer activity to ensure fairer deals. Directors will play a more active part in signing players and there will be regular messages informing teams as to why deals may have not gone through. This should benefit everyone in the game and help to prevent any attempted cheating.

Certificates Will now be awarded from January 2002 for any Division or Cup winners and presented at the end of each season.

National Squad Management This will feature from the start of any new season, there are guidelines in place that are listed in part on the Improvement sheet and will be fully explained as each National competition begins!

Manager Of the Season This is not listed on the Improvement sheet but is in the process of being added.

Champions League Reformat To go alongside the New National competitions we have decided to reformat the Champions league. There will be an extra group stage that will consist of nine groups of four teams. The top two in each of these groups + the two best third placed teams will then qualify for the next group stage. It will mean a lot more games and will produce a lot more revenue for the teams taking part. Further details are available to members.

Rulebook Update The online rulebook has now been updated with all of the January improvements.


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